Talk Psych with David Myers is moving!

David Myers' blog will soon move to a Web site hosted by Macmillan Learning.  You will still see the same great psychology content written by David Myers, now simply posted to his publisher's blog platform.   Start following Talk Psych at Macmillan's Psychology Community today by creating an account.  Or follow Talk Psych via Facebook or Twitter

Teaching Tips for Research Methods Instructors

My esteemed fellow Worth Publishers authors, Gary Lewandowski, Natalie Ciarocco, and David Strohmetz (authors of The Scientist Within: Research Methods in Psychology) will be discussing the teaching of research methods in a brief 20-minute webinar this Friday. See to join the conversation.

Clinton and Trump Supporters Unite: Go Cubs!

It's a hard scene to imagine: immigrant-despising Donald Trump supporters greeting women’s rights-supporting Hillary Clinton supporters with high fives.

But it’s happening, virtually over Facebook and in Chicago, as folks from opposite political poles discover their common ground—rooting for their beloved Cubs. As social psychologist Jon Mueller—producer of great social psychology teaching resources—explains in this sports essay, shared threats and superordinate goals can turn enemies into friends. The shelf life for their new ingroup identity as mutual Cubs fans may be short. But for this weekend, at least, the closed fists of political animosities have become the open arms of a shared identity. Go Cubs go!

Billy Bush and The Power of the Situation: To Get Along, Go Along?

Amid the uproar over leaked audio of Donald Trump’s boasting about his sexual predation, there was a secondary story—the complicity of interviewer Billy Bush, who appears to snicker approvingly at Trump’s reprehensible comments. “Obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed,” Bush tweeted after his enabling behavior was revealed.

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